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Tuesday, 12-Aug-2008 03:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zurich, Switzerland

Market place inside the train station
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Finally I reached Zurich, my last pit stop of my mini Euro trip. It's kinda sad that this may be my last trip to Europe. I'm not sure when will I be back again. I reached Zurich in the afternoon when it was drizzling. I thought of taking the tramp to the hostel, but since it was raining and I was tired so I thought might as well I just take a cab. Couldn't really be bothered about the cost as I was really tired. All I wanted at this moment was to get to the hostel ASAP and rest! The cab driver was really sweet that he showed me how to get to the tramp stop near the hostel I stayed so that I don't have to spend on the cabs.

The hostel was really nice and clean, better than the one I stayed in Berlin. As soon as I settled in, I was hungry so I went to the city and grabbed a Chinese fried rice. It was pricy but I was too hungry I couldn't find any better food than the fried rice...I thought of going around the city but it was still raining so I just went back to the hostel and sleep.

Got up early the next morning, had my breakfast and went for sightseeing in the city. The weather was nice and sunny. I took a boat around the bay and stopped at the National Museum. It wasn't that interesting so I decided to just sit by the bay, had my packed lunch and enjoyed the sun! I spent the day just by walking around the city, took photos and enjoying the beauty of the city.

The 2nd day I went up to Utilinberg. Viewed Zurich city from the hill. Didn't spend much time there. After Utilinberg, I took a train to Rhine Falls, Switzerland's famous waterfall which was a few km away outside Zurich near the Schaffausen town. The place was really beautiful that I couldn't believe my self I was there! I took a boat ride to the center of the river and went up to the large rock they call it the Rheinfallfelsen which I first saw it on the picture of a greeting card my dad's friend sent to him. I couldn't actually believe that I was there to experience myself!

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Romanian Adventure

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I can't really say much about Bucharest since my stay was very very brief. I could have stayed a day longer if I had not missed my flight. Yes, another miss fortunate after the Heathrow incident. The London transport never fails to fail...I thought I could save a few bucks by taking the train to the airport but unfortunately the tube line I was taking had a delay and because of that I couldn't make it to train station on time and by the time I reached the airport, the check-in counter was already closed and I missed my flight by a FEW seconds! I was really upset and almost broke down. What do you expect, I had a big rucksack and a broken luggage to carry up and down the stair case, running, trying to find directions, running again and praying I would make it for the train but didn't but still praying a miracle would happen and in the end the luck was just not on my side! Of course, anybody especially a girl would brake down! So, instead of saving a few Pounds for taking the public transport, I had to spend more Pounds than I should because of the bloody delay.

Anyways, when I arrived in Bucharest, the first thing I noticed was how cute Romanian men are! Really! The border guard who checked my passport was really hot! He's not the usual blond, pale skin European. The Romanians are much tanner. Yeah, that was the very first thing I noticed. The second thing was the weather. Bucharest had a really hot summer. I was still with my jacket and scarf in the morning, in London and I felt like taking off everything when I arrived in Bucharest. Mihaela waited for me at the aiport and took me to his uncle's. My first impression of Bucharest after I stepped out of the airport was how similar Bucharest is with Jakarta. The traffic, the people, the atmosphere itself is just like Jakarta but with European flavour. After settling down with my luggage and stuff at Mihaela's uncle's, we went for a walk around the city and took some photos. That night Mihaela and I spent the night at her friend's.

I had to spend the day by myself the next day as it was Monday and Mihaela had to go to work. I guess my time in Bucharest was not right. All the museums I wanted to go closed on Mondays so there was not much thing I could do besides taking more photos and kill my time in shopping malls before meeting up with Mihaela in the evening. We had dinner together with her friend, took more photos in the park and at HRC and called the day off.

I only had few hours of sleep before I made a move to the airport at a wee hour in the morning to continue my trip to Zurich!

Platia unirii or the union Square is one of the largest squares in central Bucharest. It was originally built during the communist era as the boulevard of the victory of socialism and renamed after the Romanian Revolution of 1989

Standing in front of Romanian Parliament building. The Palace of the Parliament is the second largest administrative building after the Pentagon.

This is the city of Bucharest. Though it was just a brief stay, it seems to me that the city resembles Jakarta of Europe. With the traffic chaos, the drivers, the people and the city itself is so much like Jakarta except Bucharest has subways. There's not much of developlement. The architectures are similar to any other eastern block countries with grey and brown square buildings very much alike to the ones in Plac Konstuctuci in Warsaw.

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London, England

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After having a fab time with East and her entourage in Leeds, I headed off to London. I wish I could stay longer in Leeds as I really enjoyed the company of East and her crazy friends. The journey to London took 5 hours from Leeds coach station and I reached London at almost 7.30 in the evening. It's good that it was still daylight. Now I had to find my way to get to Zul's house. Having to drag my heavy luggage and a bakpack was not easy! After changing a few tubes, I managed to reach North Greenwich station and waited for Zul and Elly there. I didn't wait that long before they came. It's good to see them both in London! Didn't expect at all to see them in another foreign land! ...Anyway, so we headed off to their pad. They had a cute and cozy little pad just nice for the two of them. We chatted for a bit and I called of the day by wrapping myself in a blanket on their couch. I guess I was too tired that it took me just a second to fall asleep!

The next day, I started my day a bit later than usual...I just decided to do it free and easy. Since this was my fifth time in London I didn't need to rush myself just to cover all the tourist spots. I pretty much have covered London so being here for the fifth time was just like going back to my hometown.

I arranged to meet up with Max to have our nasi Lemak at Bayswater in the evening. So just to kill the time I spent my afternoon at Tate Modern. The place was really cool! I like it. In here you can see all sorts of modern arts unlike in the National Art Gallery, I find that I can relate myself more to the things in Tate Modern. You can see a lot of very interesting paintings from modern artists and they are just amazing!

After spending few hours in Tate Modern, I thought I wanted to go to Shakespears Globe which was just around the corner. Unfortunately it was closed. I missed it by few minutes. Didn't expect it to close so early. Feeling a bit disappointed, I made my way across the Thames bridge, took some photos and headed off to Bayswater. I finally met up with Max after a year since we last saw each other which was during Ryan and Zara's wedding. He came along with his fiance, Cate. She's very sweet. We hit it off well. I seriously did not expect at all that Max and I still manage to keep in touch and be friends until now though he is actually Ryan's friend. We first met at Ryan's crib in Northfield on new years eve of 2007 when I came to London for the first time with Nicole. Some people we meet are just merely an acquaintance of high and bye and that's it, nothing more. But Max is a really nice fella and genuine who's making the initiative to write you emails and post comments on your Facebook photos just to keep in touch. I'm so glad that it all started with my first trip to London and the rest is history.

After having our nasi lemak at Bayswater, we took a stroll at Hyde Park. The weather started to get chilly so we stopped at one of the cafes to have our coffee and desert...hmmm...

The next day I had another appointment with my long lost friend from elementary school when I was in Delhi. I was really excited to meet up with Katherine after 13 years not seeing each other! I got a hold on her through Facebook. What a miracle! Oh boy, she's a grown up lady now, well, we both are grown up ladies!! hahahah...The last time we saw each other was when I was 13 and she was 12....and now we are both in our 20s, and working! Interesting ay! We had our lunch at a chinese restaurant in Soho. There were lots of things to catch up from what we were doing after we left Delhi to what we are doing now and having these conversations during lunch our was just not enough!!

After lunch Katherine took me to her office. Honestly I don't really understand what she's doing but one thing for certain, it has got to do with books. Knowing Katherine since Delhi time, she's really into books so it's no surprise she's in 'book' industry. Katherine had to go back to work. It's so nice to finally hooked up with her and I hope we'll continue this friendship where ever we are.

After lunch with Kat, I spent the rest of my day with Zul and his English buddy and that was it.

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